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 mylot discussion site

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PostSubject: mylot discussion site   mylot discussion site EmptyFri Jun 19, 2009 10:54 pm

myLot.com -
get paid by participating in discussions, uploading pictures and referring friends

Do you want to get paid by just participating in forums posting messages, uploading pictures and referring friends?This website will pay you just by doing these:
- Use mylot, post discussions, respond to discussions.
- Uploading pictures or images relevant to the topic / discussion.
- Referring friends to join under your account

Payment method:Payment is via Paypal
Minimum cashout is $10.

The more you refer, the easier to earn because you’ll also earn overrides from your referrals as well.

Here are some tips:
- Make it a habit to myLot at least once a day. This will make your account to remain active. Inactive/dormant account will gradually lose their earnings because myLot’s system purges all old inactive/dormant topics/discussions.
- Create topics that are easy to answer but with essence. Nothing wrong with creating topics that are well-thought of but here in myLot, I have observed that those topics that are easier to respond to gets the most responses. Sometimes even the silly/worthless topics get plenty of responses but these does not guarantee that it’ll fetch a lot of money. Only myLot knows the algorithm in computing your earnings. The bottomline is, you can just post anything whatever you have in mind as long as it is not violating the myLot guidelines.
- Respond right away to all the responses you received in your created topic. This way, your topic will be brought to the latest thread of topics and more people will notice it hence more people will possibly respond to your topic.
- Try to always post images to all your topics and replies. Make sure that what you are posting is relevant to the topic or to your reply.
- Advertise so you can get referrals. You’ll earn from them as well.
- Create new friends and add them to you friends list. Make it a habit also to post replies to your friends and referrals discussions. They may do the same to you.
- As for the other guidelines (the DOs and Don’ts) of myLot, you may check out http://www.mylot.com/o/topguidelines.aspx

Here's the link:

See you there.
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mylot discussion site
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